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Where it all began...

My story starts in 2014. It was Ramadan, one of the most important periods of time in Egypt. It was hot that day, like many days in Egypt, and I was browsing around on my couchsurfer account. Suddenly, I received a message from a friend in America, Nicki, asking if I could show her "the real Egypt." I figured I'd just share some of the usual activities my friends and I do - night camping in the desert and a bedouin-style dinner. Two weeks later, Nicki ( asked me if a family friend, Jeremy (, could experience what she did. I was so excited. When he arrived, I invited him to stay at my house. Three days passed, countless conversations, emails exchanged, and in 5 months time, I found my inbox bombarded with emails from folks asking me to show them "the real stuff" in Egypt! This is when the title of Rami's Insight Tours came to fruition. I realized from reading the emails, that I was offering folks an experience of Egypt that was unique and personal. Many were excited to feel the depth of Egypt, and understand not only it's rich history, but experience life like the locals. That is what I want to offer and share with others, a local, deep, and rich experience!

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Rami's Grandfather



Rami's Grandfather

I come from a Bedouin family (people of the Egyptian desert). Since I was young I used to see my grandfather doing tours in the pyramids and I was always amazed by the stories he used to tell me. He used to be a tour guide for the government back in 1964. 

After he died, I had this desire of doing the same as him, and keep his legacy going. Egyptian hospitality is world known, and my family is no different. We all love to meet new people and show them our roots and traditions.


Once you enter in my home, you're no longer a stranger. You become part of the family.

About Rami

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